Anecdotes & Snapshots

Sculpting In San Diego

Last year 2020 and so far in 2021 I have not been able to go to the studio in Italy and have been working on pieces here in San Diego in my garden studio. Over the years I have selected my marble in Carrara and many of my pieces have been started in Italy but worked on and finished here in San Diego.

In San Diego, as well as my Sculptures I have also worked to make changes and repairs or refinish marble and stone relief carvings and fire places. mainly in large La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe Houses.

Much of my work and some commissions have been done with Unique Stone Imports of San Diego and Island Architects of La Jolla. I have also undertaken commissions and sold directly to Private Collectors and worked with Home owners, General Contractors and Decorators.


A Tribute To Carrara and Friends

Most of us who work with stone to create sculpture exchange information about the tools we use and where to get them, which stone to use and where to find it. One cannot help but be enriched by mingling with a group of talented Sculptors and Artists, nor avoid being influenced by their ideas and their work. This has been and still is my experience in Carrara.

Thank you to all who have inspired and continue to inspire me, those who have taught me and encouraged me or helped me in so many ways. It has been close to thirty years since I first picked up a chisel in Carrara. Here are some photos of happy times in your company: Manuel, Mark, Marton, Giovanni, Michele, Marco, Nicola, Osama, Arne, Vera and Sergio.


Creation of Tipping Point, Climate Change

Weather on Steroids

In 2015 I was invited to create a sculpture suitable for display at an exhibition titled “Weather on Steroids”, to be hosted at the la Jolla Historical Society’s Wisteria Gallery February/ May 2017. This exhibition would feature work by at least 10 artists who would be teamed with scientists working on different aspects of climate change research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The Scientists would provide data and ideas for the artists to assist and inspire their work.

I decided to create a globe from a block of cloudy grey blue marble from Carrara. I carved the landmasses lower than the oceans to exaggerate sea level rise in a dramatic way. To make it more interesting I also added some “atmospheric river” storm tracks and some glass to bring attention to the depletion of glaciers and sea ice. I also added a wire figure representing human greed and man’s mistreatment of our planet. Rejection of facts and of scientific reports is shown by the disrespect for the book on which he stands as he pushes us over the “Tipping Point”. The wire figure was executed for me by Spencer Little of San Diego. The Sculpture was later exhibited at the San Diego Library Gallery June/ September and Long Beach Aquarium September /November 2017. It is now on display at UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) as part of a permanent collection.


A Case Study—Changing Existing Work

Resculpting A Stone Doorway

I was asked if I could remove two dog faces holding up garlands of flowers carved in the limestone frieze around the front door of a house in La Jolla. I created a design which would match the rest of the carving but keeping the relief at the same height. I achieved this by making a clay model of the existing area of each dog's head and then carving it away into a new design consisting of flowers, leaves and ribbons retaining as much as possible of the old and blending in to the rest of the existing relief decoration.

Please use the Read More button to see photos of this process.


At Work On "Decorated Mortaio" —1990

The Mortar you see me working on here was my first piece it was carved in Carrara Marble under the sympathetic guidance of Giovanni who taught me how to use hand tools in the traditional way. It was carved to my design based on local fluted style mortars. I added decorated relief carving on the four faces reflecting the main ingredients of the famous "Pesto": Olives for Oil, Pine cones for the Pine Nuts, Basil leaves and naturally Garlic.


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