Anecdotes & Snapshots

A Tribute To Giovanni Bedini—Master Stone Carver

Giovanni Bedini was my mentor and teacher. He was a stone carver of the old school and disliked the pneumatic and electrical tools that most Sculptors use today. He was described as " one of the last " Romantics of the Chisel " by the local Carrara newspaper when he died in 2002 in his eighties.  He carved mainly decorative pieces including flowers, birds and figures or beautiful faces. He was famous for his Roses delicately carved in white marble. They were once described by Sofia Loren as "Enchanting, a mass of Dreams".

He was a real gentleman, warm and friendly with a quiet and gentle demeanor. He was passionate about his work and well known and respected in Carrara. As a teacher he patiently demonstrated the use of the tools. He then got me started on my own pieces, always ready to offer help when needed. I soon became good friends with him, his wife Media and their two sons Michele and Marco. Michele is an art teacher and accomplished painter and sculptor while Marco is a talented Architect.


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