Questions & Answers

Can I commission you to create a stone carving for me?


Yes. I have undertaken several commissions, mainly smaller Bas Relief carvings. They were done to a specific request after I had produced a sketch or were based on an image supplied by the patron. I work only with stone that I like to carve (No Granite) and would undertake only a subject, style and size within my capabilities.

Are the pieces shown in your Gallery available for purchase?


Many of them are, but there are some shown that are not available as they are already in private collections or they were commissions and are installed in private houses. I only sell directly to a buyer to whom I have shown the work or through a Gallery, Architect or Decorator known to me.

Would you consider repairing, refinishing or changing existing stone carvings?


Yes. I have refreshed or enhanced the finish of marble and stone relief work mainly Fireplaces. I have altered or reworked some decorative carving and have made some repairs to carved fireplaces. All this type of work has been done in the San Diego Area.  I would not under take restoration of valuable Fine Art work.